Please tick only one post type!!

im gonna go on my personal.. see if i can do anything there. if you want to talk, i’m on skype. 

i walk a road of inaccurate leg action that i will have to fix by forcing my dad to pose like this.

im gonna log into my personal while working because this is absolutely ridiculous 

sweetheartanon whispered: if it will not trouble you too much, please spread a bit of love like sandwich spread today! just a little might be just the thing to spice up someone's day! <3

will do, captain! 

hey whats going on

sammy thats from runescape where have you been

i cant do this 



i know 0 thing about yu gi oh slay me


slay you say

I mean I hope you don’t have to leave. Wow I can’t words. But I’ll be here for you regardless, dude!

dont worry! i understand where you’re coming from. still, this community is just bad right now so honestly we’ll see what happens in the future.